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Cuentepec resident mud works


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Cuentepec artist and kiln


Home in Cuentepec


Xinanchkalko Property


Xinanchkalko in Construction

Multigenerational Cuentepec women artists

Cuentepec resident mud works

Cuentepec resident mud works

"Xinachkalko is a space of refuge and development  of our identity through our Nahuatl language. It is born of the necessity to protect us in the face of linguicide that the state continues to advance towards the pueblo. This is an effort to preserve the language of our ancestors. 

This stronghold is sustained not just as a community of Nahuatl, but of a nation with our own ways of seeing and naming the world; through our language, our tongue and our normative systems.

Xinachkalko is not a cultural center, beyond a sanctuary for cultural roots, it holds a way of life which has been denied to us. It is a space of flourishing of our art, philosophy, literature and all that exists in our Nahuatl world."

Cuentepec artist teaching pottery techniques


10% of any sale from the Tepozzanilli: Live Stream Tranmission series will go to support the Xinanchkalko collective indigenous space in Cuentepec, Morelos, México.

-Victorino Torres Nava Nahuatl Scholar and founder of Xinachkalko

The Tepozanilli: Live Stream Transmission Project was born of a desire to reconnect to my indigenous ancestry. The series was in response to a self directed research trip to Morelos, Mexico this past year to the pyramid fortress city of Xochicalco (city of flowers) where people first settled in the area 2,222 years ago and to nearby Cuentepec to visit their descendants. A pueblo where they are maintaining art making practices that date back several millennia. In this community the primary language is Nahuatl. Nahuatl is one of 68 indigenous languages and dialects being spoken today in Mexico. In this language a flourishing of world view, Art literature, philosophy and everything that exists in the Nahuatl world lives on.

200 years ago 70 percent of the population spoke a native language today it is about 5 percent. Yet, there is hope that this language and Nahuatl world may continue with your support.
Xinachkalko is a collective indigenous space founded by indigenous scholar and Cuentepec resident Victorino Torres Nava. Victorino is also a professor at the Anahuacalmecac International University Preparatory Of North America in Los Angeles. I invite you to read his words below and donate using the QR code below to support the building of Xinanchkalko in Cuentepec, Morelos, Mexico.

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