Rebecca Nava draws from her Mexican heritage and research into historic Mesoamerican culture to give voice to the often-silenced indigenous roots of the Latino immigrant population. Her installations of pine needles, copal resin, smoke, wood, and colored sawdust interweave Mayan tradition and story with current events and culture. “I love the open and universal language of abstraction and its ability to transcend time and space, where a multitude of images can coexist to reference experiences across generations and cultures simultaneously. A memory or feeling, the objects and sounds around you, a poem, images from an ancient world – all of these things can live and join and relate to one another in a single space, which for me is a very special investigative and spiritual experience.”


Rebecca received her M.F.A. in Painting from Boston University where she worked under the tutelage of Guggenheim award winning British painters John Walker, Graham Campbell, and Mexican painter Alfredo Gisholt and Cincinnati painter Frank Herrmann. She taught foundations courses in anatomy drawing and Introduction Painting in the B.F.A. program at B.U.


She has taught Fine Arts, Design, and Art History at Cincinnati State since 2008 and has served on the faculty of Miami University School of Art and the Art Academy of Cincinnati. Her work can be seen throughout Cincinnati, having served as the Lead Teaching Artist for ten public murals through the Artworks organization, three of which are her original work. In the 2018 season, she received the Artworks Outstanding Teaching Staff Award.rd

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