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Rebecca Nava Soto is a multidisciplinary Latinx artist and educator.  She uses mixed media painting, digital media, performance and ephemeral installations to explore themes of perception, iconography, writing/image-making, spirituality, and cosmology.   Drawing  attention towards ancient and contemporary indigenous Mesoamérica and Latinx  perspectives that illuminate conditions in the present.  

In the studio, through material and process, research and influences operate at a hinge point with a self-generating element, a mediumistic relationship is formed with the artist and revealed through the art.


"In an act of decolonization, my art practice draws from the artistic roots, processes, materials and world views of my indigenous Mexican roots.  Through moving meditative and material practices and research into historic and contemporary Mesoamérican culture, my work is driven by states of heightened perception where time and distance collapses - speaking to this moment. Despite colonialism's best efforts our ancestors' spirits live on, through us. Art brings forth what is hiding beneath the surface, revealing a sustenance that can guide us, heal us and empower us individually and collectively."


Rebecca received her M.F.A. in Painting from Boston University in 2004 and her B.F.A. from the University of Cincinnati in 2000.  She has taught at the college level since 2008, including courses in Fine Arts, Drawing, Design, and Art History.  She currently serves on the faculty at the Art Academy of Cincinnati.  Rebecca has exhibited nationally and internationally.  She has regularly worked with Artworks, a local non-profit, where she has been the lead Teaching Artist for 11 public murals in the Greater Cincinnati area.

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